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X-TOOLSS (eXploration Toolset for Optimization Of Launch and Space Systems) is a suite of cross-disciplinary evolutionary optimization design tools. Applications include design of space vehicles, structural components, radiators, lunar and planetary habitats, evacuation planning, and many other space applications.

X-TOOLSS/NEVOT (Nuclear Electric Vehicle Optimization Toolset) is a collaborative effort involving the Tri-Lateral Alliance of Marshall Space Flight Center, Arnold Engineering Development Center, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In addition, Auburn University and University of Tennessee Space Institute have joined this team as research partners.

This web site describes several application examples and publications of the capabilities of the X-TOOLSS software and the accomplishments and capabilities of the X-TOOLSS/NEVOT research team.

Use the link below to download the latest version of X-TOOLSS.

Download Latest Version of X-TOOLSS

The set-up executable inside of the .zip file.